A talk with Hisham Bharoocha aka Soft Circle

Thursday, December 23, 2010

I sat down with musician, artist and friend Hisham Bharoocha a little over a month ago while he was in Tokyo for a few shows and fresh off a Boredoms performance in Australia. You may know Hisham through his solo music project, Soft Circle (myspace here), and you may know he's been a key creative partner of EYE- increasingly in recent years- with creative direction and co- production of the mammoth Boadrum perfomances in New York (7/7/2007) and Los Angeles (8/08/2008). I thought I'd ask Hisham for a few comments about his long relationship and experiences of working with EYE as well personal thoughts on the artist, some of which I'd like to consider appending to the rise of The Boredoms.

EYE and Hisham recently spoke together at the ICA in London where Soft Circle (with its new member, Benjamin Vida) performed. Check it out here:
and here:

We're approaching another sit down with EYE Yamataka in the coming year and I'll be heading to Osaka for a few days for another couple of interviews with some artists and key figures (but don't want to mention them just yet!).

More later.

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A talk with Shinro Ohtake of JUKE/19, Puzzle Punks

Monday, October 18, 2010

A couple of weeks ago I sat down with experimental musician and mixed-media artist Shinro Ohtake. Ohtake, now 55 years old, is known for his epic body of work (his retrospective at the new national museum a couple of years of ago occupied the entire museum; the first artist to do so). We conversed about the atmosphere of the music "scene" around the time which JUKE/19 came together as well as how they scrapped together the resources for a recording, which Ikeezumi (of PSF) got behind early and released. Nice how that ties together. Ohtake went into some more details of how he first met a younger Yamataka EYE and formed Puzzle Punks. Ohtake's influence on a then somewhat impressionable EYE is measurable- both in his artwork and later musical activities. Aside from great stories, Ohtake's comments on EYE as well as the Japanese avant garde music "scene" at large were fascinating additions.

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Keiji Haino DJ Set

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Last Wednesday we stepped out to the unlikeliest of venues, Module, for a three-hour DJ set by Keiji Haino. To say it was an intense and eclectic traversing 180 minutes of music streaming through the speakers would just save you from making an understatement. Everything from cold minimal, Ethiopian jazz (Mahmoud Ahmed from the Ethiopiques 7: Erè Mèla Mèla Record), Turkish and Byzantine parading instrumentals, The Ramones to KRS-into were among the identifiable in a perpetual and aurally affronting whirlpool of genre and chronology.

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PSF Records 30th Anniversary Show at Showboat

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

PSF Records, the record label overseen by Hideo Ikeezumi, is celebrating its 30th anniversary on September 25th with a show at Showboat in Koenji, Tokyo. Details as follow.

Ishihara Hiroshi with Friends, Marble Ship and Hasegawa Shizuo.
Ishihara Hiroshi (vocals and guitar), Kitada Tomohiro (bass) and Arakawa Yasunobu (drums).

Doors at 6:30, starts at 7:00

Advanced tickets: ¥2,800. Available at Showboat, Lawson Ticket and e-plus (search by date).
At the door: ¥3,300 (drink included)

Venue and Contact:Tel 03-3337-5745, info (at) showboat.co.jp, http://showboat.co.jp

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Title decided but to be announced

What's a director's blog if it's never updated?

I've been away, busy writing and researching, actually working, in and out again, and still managing to continue writing towards finishing the film and going to select performances (Keiji Haino and Jim O'Rourke on the Hara Museum lawn showed me a few things I've never seen before). We're still in the deeper trenches but the light at the end of the tunnel has cracked into sight. We're excited. Mainly because one of the key hurdles is out of the way. By that I mean I've finally decided on a title for the film which while I feel more than adequately resounds conceptually, I'll announce it in the coming month(s). It'll be more appropriate when we move everything over to the new domain online. With the final push, a new site will be designed, host more video clips, a more in depth bio on the film, premise and characters, the ACTUAL TRAILER along with a more dedicated consistency of updates.

Another item I'd like to share is work on an extension of the film. As we progress, a short nonetheless in-depth portrait on one of our key characters will follow this film.

Towards the end of the month I'll be sitting down with Shinro Ohtake, the intense and epic visual artist and musician behind Juke 19 (1978-1983, actual original release limited to 1000 copies I believe) and the Puzzle Punks (was sold out the last time I stopped by PSF), a collaborative act Ohtake started in 1995 with Yamatsuka EYE.

More later.

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Nakahara Masaya Birthday Performance

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Nakahara Masaya is going to have a Birthday event and we're all invited. There's going to be live performances by Hair Stylistics, Suicidal 10cc (which is Nakahara Masaya with Jim O'Rourke), as well as a solo performance by Jim O'Rourke and then what appears a collaboration with Hair Stylistics, Eiko Ishibashi, Tatsuhisa Yamamoto (profile in Japanese) and AyA (of ooioo), kayo, GJ (from lastdaybikini) / DJ: kayo, GJ (from lastdaybikini).

Opens at 19:00 and starts at 20:00 and ¥2000 gets you in.

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The Boredoms and Friends Live on May 28th

Monday, May 10, 2010

The Boredoms will stop by Tokyo for a now sold-out performance with the following collaborators. We're looking forward to being back in Tokyo, catching the show and talking closely with EYE and Hisham of Soft Circle. The line up is as follows: EYE, YOSHIMI, YOJIRO, Hisham Bharoocha (Soft Circle), Zach Hill (HELLA), Butchy Fuego (Pit Er Pat, NA FUEGO), Kid Millions (Oneida), Jeremy Hyman (Ponytail) and Shinji Masuko (DMBQ).

The Boredoms will also be playing this years Sense of Wonder Festival too.

Thanks to Jason Bergman for the photo of The Boredoms at Terminal 5.

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