"And Co soon" EYE Yamataka exhibit at magical, ARTROOM

Sunday, July 5, 2009

While The Boredoms are preparing for a series of performances this summer and fall, EYE has also been busy getting together a set of new artworks for an exhibition at one of our favorite galleries, The Magical Artroom in Ebisu, Tokyo.

Upon entering the reception at the opening party, I was surprised to see the primary medium EYE had utilized for these works- car hoods. Catching up with EYE, the story goes that he was driving his car on the winding roads of Nara and had a bit of an accident. When the estimate made it clear the the car would be too expensive to repair, EYE had set the abandoned car hood on the side of his house. Eventually weeds and other plant life began to grow up alongside the crumpled surface and created a series of lines at which point EYE decided to take the hood indoors and draw his own lines, swirls and segments. After completing a landscape-themed image rendered by thin lines in an array of bright colors, EYE's excitement led the artist to purchase a few more hoods via Yahoo auctions. While at the opening reception, Sebastian and I had fun catching up with EYE and talked about The Boredoms upcoming performance on a cruise ship for 3 nights with Gang Gang Dance, Zach Hill and Goma in addition to a long list of other DJs and VJs.

The title of this exhibition, taken from the words “Art Coming Soon,” hinges on the idea that the works presented here are in progress. In progress because they were and are constantly formed, and reformed. These intensely visual expressions are a collage from the sounds, lines and everyday objects the artist has encountered in his somewhat prolific history. In the basement of the NADiff bookstore is a smaller exhibition of vinyl records and other music-related visual media EYE has chosen to create and recreate through a pop-charged mash up of realia. All of the records on the wall are for sale via a priced scale and can also be listened to for your visual and audio pleasure (This text adapted from my blog post at Shift).

Here are the details of the exhibit:
EYE Yamataka “& Co Soon” at Magical Artroom
Date: June 21st - July 18th, 2009
Open: 12:00-20:00, Closed on Sunday, Monday and Public Holidays
Place: magical, ARTROOM at Nadiff
Address: NADiff A/P/A/R/T 3F 1-18-4, Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0013
Tel : 03-3445-8988
Admission: Free!

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