Instrumentalize 2009 Fluorescent Night

Monday, August 17, 2009

Atsuhiro Ito will collaborate with Minoru Sato for an evening entitled Instrumentalize09: Fluorescent night. Sato's research and creative activities are explored in the form of installations, performances and written text all in addition to which he is producing sound and more music-oriented works under the name S.A.S.W. Atsuhiro Ito's sound tool, the optron, should prove an adept combo with Sato's more installation-based style and orchestra of self-made instruments. Although, from what I gather they will performing as a fluorescent tube duo.

The less we know, the more we can expect.

Opens at 18:30, starts at 19:00 and costs 1,500 Yen (including 1 drink) at Gift Lab.


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