Title decided but to be announced

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What's a director's blog if it's never updated?

I've been away, busy writing and researching, actually working, in and out again, and still managing to continue writing towards finishing the film and going to select performances (Keiji Haino and Jim O'Rourke on the Hara Museum lawn showed me a few things I've never seen before). We're still in the deeper trenches but the light at the end of the tunnel has cracked into sight. We're excited. Mainly because one of the key hurdles is out of the way. By that I mean I've finally decided on a title for the film which while I feel more than adequately resounds conceptually, I'll announce it in the coming month(s). It'll be more appropriate when we move everything over to the new domain online. With the final push, a new site will be designed, host more video clips, a more in depth bio on the film, premise and characters, the ACTUAL TRAILER along with a more dedicated consistency of updates.

Another item I'd like to share is work on an extension of the film. As we progress, a short nonetheless in-depth portrait on one of our key characters will follow this film.

Towards the end of the month I'll be sitting down with Shinro Ohtake, the intense and epic visual artist and musician behind Juke 19 (1978-1983, actual original release limited to 1000 copies I believe) and the Puzzle Punks (was sold out the last time I stopped by PSF), a collaborative act Ohtake started in 1995 with Yamatsuka EYE.

More later.

Posted by Vicente Gutierrez at 3:38 PM